Bangkok is a tinderbox right now


 Bangkok 6:30 PM May 17, 2010

imageAs I post this I am getting live reports via my Skype

I just heard that in Rama 4  in Bangkok, four people have just been shot. 

One is dead and three injured.

Since my post on Saturday I have kept it updated in the comments section as events occur,

Tonight as tensions seem to be heightening I have included this as a separate post too.

Here is an update on events in Bangkok before to 6PM., Sine then a critical meeting between the opposing sides has been cancelled. The casualty count as reported is 60 dead and 1000 hurt.

Bangkok 6PM May 17, 2010

Right now as I am watching the TV reports here in Bangkok there are signs that violence will erupt again in the Indra Hotel Area with tires being paces in front of the hotel in readiness to burn.

It is not sure if it is protestor or other ill meaning people The Soldiers have prevented anyone from entering the area so no civilians are present.

Soldiers have also let people know that three shots in the air means warning if people intend to set them alight or cause trouble.

In the Bang Kai and Ding dang area are still critical area. There was a tanker stolen from a petrol station presumably full of fuel that has been rolled into the road and people shouting fireworks constantly at the truck in attempts to ignite. The TV news reporter nearby is trying to find out if the truck is loaded and if there is full on board.

Wireless s road just now is quiet and peaceful just now.

Gun fire has been regular in Rama 4 but other than this. it is quite just now.

It seems from the reported information following a phone call at 4 from the government to redshirts official who since have had a meeting it seems they are ready for negotiations. The content of the conversations is not known but it presumed it was somehow persuasive.  (meeting since cancelled)

At Victory monument it is difficult for security as protester have taken control of the area .One of my staff lives in the Victory monument area and who is on the line to me now says she is staying indoors as there is shooting nearby and a lot of redshirts and police and army are there. It is very dangerous on the streets.

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