May 2010

Plugging the gap on data value

I had some interesting exchanges recently that took me to a UK firm who specialize in data cleansing, I was reminded of a survey we did some time ago that asked the question, How do Business Intelligence solutions provide value? Of the 86 replies the answers varied in weight but it was clear Sales Growth and Operating Performance are the top issues. In my discussion with Chris Johnson at CMN in the UK he said “Companies waste so much money and cause harm to the environment by not regularly cleansing their data. Data is one of our biggest assets. You wouldn’t drive around in your Ferrari or work in your high rise office block without getting it cleaned once in a while would you?” This was very sound advice which I was looking for to help me in my work in Business Intelligence that relies so much on clean data. As I looked through the impressive product list at CMN, (Yes it is one of those coveted TLA names) it seemed to focus on these needs so well so I decided to keep it as a reference list of issues that people in business face. [...]

Bangkok recovery is now encouraging

The Curfew still remains in force in Bangkok as clean up operations continue and order in the city and provinces is resorted. Even so headlines of last 2 days still show dangers are still present. The Bangkok CentralWorld management just sent me by our office provider SERVCORP gives some good news about our office in there. In it they advise the extent of the fire damage generally to the Centralworld complex on the 19th May 2010. [...]

Do you sell using a Mattress Test?

Here is some advice I got as a student. To make ends meet, I took a job selling wedding chest products. (Those old enough to remember may recall Carrigans, a boutique firm that sold a quality product range by referral based selling. My sales coach at the time told me. “Don’t try to sell products, show solutions to real problems” and something practical that goes with that is a mattress test” “What is a mattress test?” I quizzed. It is a simple concept that alerts or disturbs a prospect unexpectedly that he or she has a problem, But the skill is to do it in a way you and your product or service are seen as part of the solution. Most rookie sales people learn this but rarely apply it. If you do, you will sell well” He went on to explain the metaphor: [...]

Bangkok is a tinderbox right now

As I post this I am getting live reports via my Skype I just heard that in in Rama 4 in Bangkok, four people have just been shot. One is dead and three injured. Since my post on Saturday I have been keeping it updated in the comments section as events occur, Tonight as tensions seem to be heightening I have included this as a separate post too. Here is an update on events in Bangkok before to 6PM., Sine then a critical meeting between the opposing sides has been cancelled. The casualty count as reported is 60 dead and 1000 hurt. [...]

Being on the spot in Bangkok is not a good scene.

Following last nights violence as I went for some breakfast nearby this morning, I was most disturbed at hearing a motor bike rider say he had just seen three people lying dead on the road near the rally zone. He said they been left unattended because no-one wanted to risk their life to remove the bodies. This morning when I awoke in Bangkok 16 more people are dead including some foreigners with scores more injured as the government tries to end the two month long protest rallies. Tthe 2 Km stretch from my home to our Bangkok office is not an option as it stands in epicenter of the troubles. On that stretch all business there is now closed. All around the city in the last few days the sight of army and flak jacketed police tells the tail of the tensions here. To visit one of our clients in the east of the city means I have to go past the Prime Ministers home which since the trouble began has been heavily guarded. [...]

NYC Parking Ticket goes international

In any business there is always demand and supply. But how does a New York Lawyer make any money out of handling mundane commodity service issues like parking. Yes you have to wonder? Read more about one that is .. [...]