Who wants to be a Project Manager?

image Who in their right mind would ever want to become a project manager?

It is a thankless task that puts you in the middle of someone who wants something to change to get a benefit and someone else who does not want to change because it involves unsettling what may be a comfortable state. For the latter too it may even mean they will lose a benefit they already have.

And then as you turn inside out and do cartwheels to get everyone moving to get it done you always get squeezed to give them more value under the same scope.

And if you take it then managing people, no matter what your style, the famous 4 stage process cannot be avoided. Forming Norming Storming and Performing stages are so important to be mindful of to make sure it gets done. They cannot be avoided and when it seems to be going pear shaped you need to know what stages your in and the skills needed to get it back on track .

Getting people committed to a well thought through plan is the first trick. Then keeping them boxed in and focused to get on with the work done is next. Then as the going gets tough and people try to slip out or change the game plan you need to sort out their issues so they have no choice but to perform like a team and get it all done. All that takes a bit of work.

In the end, regardless of the journey, bringing about to change to a state of being, so a process can be improved, is what project managers do. Once done the process manger tales over.

In business, it is said, the best project managers come from the business with support from IT. Or when projects are managed  by IT they must have a strong business presence. IT is clearer on managing and changing environments, so often have the best project manager skills and the mindset to take on that role. But the business cannot abstain and needs to have project leadership too. Either way they both need to be involved.

AND DONT FORGET THE USER.  LEAVE THEM OUT AND YOUR PROJECT IS DEAD. Many projects when abdicated by users to technical people will see it declared done once the technical stage is complete. That may even include some form of user sign off. But then getting the value falls to the beneficiaries who are stuck with the change. And that’s where they fail if they are not involved along the way.

Getting cooperation of people who need to change for a purpose and then making it happen is a tough job. Good luck to everyone who takes it on. The rewards are so much more than personal credit.

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    1. Thanks Larry, You know how tough it can be on projects commecially, so I do need the best legal minds I can get to help. I can think of nowone better so your in mate. cheers Gordon

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