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image Here is an a open  letter I got from Stacey Barr who asked me a question.

Stacey Barr, who is widely known as a performance measure specialist, makes her living advising on how to measure business performance. She also publishes a regular newsletter, “Measure Up”

To answer her question, setting goals and achieving success is the best incentive to let me relax. On the other hand missing targets, underperforming or in-completeness makes me tired.

As someone who makes a living as a change agent I also know that success also comes by the very fact that we get commitment. That alone, as we continue to pursue a final project or campaign outcome, can see results much earlier than the expected completion aims.

I feel good reading Stacey’s letter as it reinforces this. I say we should measure and acknowledge this too as we are taking the journey. Take look for you self.


G’day Gordon,

I feel like I’m falling out of my groove a bit lately.

Despite my training having gone so well this year, I recently missed my goal for the 10km run at the Mooloolaba Triathlon by 25 seconds. And despite the rapid increase in subscribers to Measure Up (there are now 11,241 active subscribers), I’ve missed a couple of my revenue goals. Plus, I wanted to reduce my working hours down to 28 hours per week this year, and the trend is actually going up instead!

In all honesty, I’m feeling some of my passion and enthusiasm waning right now.

No doubt you’ve felt the same way too – when you keep missing your goals, no matter how hard you work to achieve them. In the field of performance measurement, we’re so much more aware of when we fall short of our targets.

But is it reasonable to set targets with the expectation of meeting them every time? I’ve recently been wondering if measuring performance adds most of its value to the journey (continuous improvement), not the destination (hitting targets). Measuring performance helps us stay focused on what we want, every day, and enjoy the adventure as we pursue it.

So when targets are set in the spirit of continuous improvement, perhaps pursuing them is more important than achieving them. What do you think, Gordon?

Gordon, If It’s Broken, Fix The Root Causes!

In the last issue of Measure Up I gave you a list of the typical problems that go wrong in performance measurement processes, and I promised that this time around I’d share some tips for how to fix your performance measurement process.

That’s exactly what’s in store for you, in today’s Practical Tip.

Smiles, Stacey.

Stacey Barr, the Performance Measure Specialist

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By the way if you think is Mooloolaba funny name for a place, if you ever go to this paradise spot on Sunshine Coats in Queensland, it will not sound funny any more.

In the meantime let Stacey know what you think too. And if you subscribe to her newsletters she will update you directly. If you forget her site it is on my Bog roll


Disclosure Statement

I  have no financial interest at all in Stacey Barr, her business or her offerings and I do not get any or rewards for promoting her. I am just  a fan who not only likes what she says and even on rare occasions when I may not agree, I always like the way she says it.

And being a fellow Aussie in the performance management business too, one day I will be pleased to meet her.

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