Knowledge is free. Just bring your own container.



Its what’s said that inspires,


but what’s written transpires.


Sometimes we get it mixed up. This post was accidently published under Performance Controller but was intended for a “Humour for all Occasions.

So to keep faith with our theme, we have moved it. But now you see we do have a life after all.

imageTake a look at it any way. It could be fun, And there may also be some good jokes there that you can use.


But just be careful. There are over 300 jokes there sent in by all our mates and they can be a real time waster.  So don’t send this link to your staff or your kids doing homework.  Bookmarks work better anyway or you can always subscribe or use RSS feed.

If you have some good ones to share you can send them to me and I will post them.

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