Clouded House!

Capture Referring to the Eastman post Larry Who, that included video of the lampooning by Larry Ellison (Oracle) and Marc Benioff ( on CLOUD computing, it occurred to me to look back at our ideas of less than 2 years  ago when we were digesting what the cloud was about.

I made this comment on that post, which i will repeat here for the record and any challenge.

It seems we have come quite a way since we posted on this subject, with is-your-thinking-in-the-clouds”, less than a couple of years ago  “

The big element that is fast changing in that equation is the computer as we all know it.

By the 2020 or even earlier there will be no laptops or desktops in homes and offices will have whole new environment devoted to business intelligence to make us all transparent and reshape privacy as we know it today.

Like airlines now that are just reservation systems who share equipment servers will be too. And they will be in places like Antarctica or Afghanistan or even outer space and owned by giant global alliances.

One thing I am sure of is Larry Ellison and Oracle along with Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates and Microsoft will be long gone having been replaced by the globalsoft corporations based in places like India and other emerging nations in the unprecedented mass markets like Asia.

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