Carnegie Mellon: The New Face of Innovation

“The Last Lecture” was Randy Pausch’s December 2007 farewell to the world. It has been viewed over 11 million times on you Tube alone and still gets comments. I watch it frequently for inspiration.

Since I have also followed the University he loved and I subscribe for their updates. This week they sent me this enlightening Bangalore think tank session on inspiring innovation and how it is evolving in India.

There are so many "Gems" buried in this video entitled Carnegie Mellon presents The New Face of Innovation that apply to everyone. I recommend it to students and innovators everywhere. The discussion sees a talented articulate panel in front of a local live audience. 

I just listened to the whole thing right through and it so full of insights. It is 50 minutes long, so I suggest you bookmark it or if you prefer you can down load it and listen to it on your IPOD

And make some notes.



CarnegieMellonU — March 31, 2010 — On March 10, 2010, Carnegie Mellon brought together a panel of leading experts to discuss business, technology and societal innovation shaping Bangalore and the world. The panel was moderated by Carnegie Mellon University President Jared L. Cohon; panelists were Subrahmanyam Goparaju, Vice President & Head, Software Engineering & Technology Labs, Infosys Technologies; Lalitesh K. Katragadda (CS96,’98), Co-Head Google, Inc.-Bangalore R&D Center; Pradeep K. Khosla (E84,86), Dean, Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering, and Harsh Manglik (TPR76), Chairman-India & Geography, Managing Director, Accenture India.

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