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I got this feed from Nigel Pendse’s Bi Verdict site.

Microsoft’s announcement last year saw  the PerformancePoint Server discontinued after July 2009 . This was a major shift in the company’s BI strategy. But PerformancePoint Server which is no longer being developed is still be supported for the few customers that still use it. And they are growing.

PerformancePoint Server had four components: planning, analysis, monitoring and reporting.

  • Monitoring was covered by the Dashboard Designer, which now makes up the PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.
  • Analysis was covered by ProClarity Analytics. ProClarity’s dashboard functions are still available as Shared Services, much like Excel Services or Forms Services in SharePoint. A few ProClarity analysis functions are available via the Dashboard Designer, but the functionality of ProClarity Analytics is being ported step by step to Office, and the product itself is in maintenance mode. This makes it clear that existing customers of ProClarity will face the need to port their applications in a few years. At the time of writing, it is still unclear whether the functionality will be delivered as desktop components or as Web components in the SharePoint Server.
  • The planning component was a new development which used Analysis Services to store data. It survived for about two years before being withdrawn with  SQL Server, Analysis Services, SharePoint Server and Excel are being positioned as providers of generic planning functionality.
  • Management Reporter was the reporting tool but it was never clearly developed and has been largely discontinued.

Future releases of business intelligence functionality by Microsoft are tied to the Office release cycle. Office 14, including the next release of SharePoint Server, is expected this year around June 2010. Integration of PerformancePoint, ProClarity and Excel with the SharePoint Server that goes deeper than the current Shared Services model will have to wait until 2013 or 2014.

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