April 2010

Two ears, two eyes and one mouth!

In the context of the real value business intelligence, I recently had a discussion with Mike Plaxton, CEO at Krungthai AXA Life Insurance in Thailand. There I learned some practical things he planned with his team to increase momentum and sales effectiveness by exploiting their new data warehouse based BI system which is using Infor PM Application as its centerpiece. When I asked him how he planned using his new capability to drive sales and business development campaigns, his response had some great best practice advice. [...]

Checking world clock numbers is sobering!

This earth clock shpows incredible depletion rates that are actually frightening. When you see them presented in this interactive update page, Yearly, monthly, weekly figures are one thing but what really makes you think is the daily depletion rate changing before your eyes. [...]

Doing supply change on the run.

When integrating businesses cultures and/or changing software platforms to re-focus business processes, you will most often see strategic growth as the aim. Then culling redundant processes will also deliver cost reductions as one of the benefits. [...]

BI Landscape is still open

I got this feed from Nigel Pendse’s Bi Verdict site. Microsoft’s announcement last year saw  the PerformancePoint Server discontinued after July 2009 . [...]

Recommending a Friend Of A Friend

Having the power to find and maintain contacts easily to count on is now a totally new ball game. Some say Social Media is a fad, but it seems it is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. How many people, when looking for some help have called up a friend to see if they know someone. With tracking all our electronic activity now this also means our contacts everywhere see us too and always remain connected in the Social Media Networks. [...]