Larry Who?

There is something not quite right about this video. It has been around for while and collected quite a lot of comments, many not all that flattering.

Larry Ellison in this video reminded me of Dean Martin the comedian, but nowhere near as endearing.  I must admit I did found myself enjoying his lampooning. In the safety of his disciples he also gives Microsoft stick.

Maybe it is because we see some lighthearted human side of this man whose personal image syncs with the ruthless practices of the Giant Oracle business he started and still heads.

Disliked or not by non disciples this leader of giants lightheartedly reduces cloud computing to the simplicity of what it is really is:

The cloud is Computers hooked up to Networks, that’s all it is.

He also distinguishes SaaS as a packaged business model for rental of computing services This is not new either past now and the future, so nothing new.

Taking some advice of a long time journalist mate who says don’t just be mesmerised by a good show, always go for balance. which I did

I found another video by  Marc Benioff CEO of the cloud computing giant, who lampoons Ellison.

They are each quite short. Enjoy them both !!!

First: Why Larry Ellison hates Cloud computing



Then Benioff who will always be Benioff, even sick like he was at this conference.

when asked about the Oracle CEO flip-flop cloud computing strategy, the CEO and co-founder just couldn’t help ridicule his former mentor,


Here is the response in text

Larry Ellison.6 months ago he said its ridiculous and made some very caustic remarks which is not very much like him and then he said something very Zen in a kind of very spiritual or mentor way the key to cloud computing, the key grasshopper to on-demand is on premise.

And the key to on-premise is on-demand. And you can not have on-demand without on-premise, and you can not have on-premise without on-demand.

It was very Zen.

It was like hitting a new level of enlightenment when I heard of it. This guys got it. On-demand is on-premise and yet on-premise is on-demand.

And if you can understand that then you’ll know why cloud computing is what it is.