March 2010

How to get the Master KPI

Getting the business KPI going takes work to commit to a focus and cut to the chase. And keeping it there it is not just about just making a dashboard. It needs much more to maintain it, with action and plan conversations to match. And it then only works with timely, consistent and reliable reporting, so it becomes the language of success. [...]

Larry Who?

There is something not quite right about this video. It has been around for while and collected quite a lot of comments, many not all that flattering. Larry Ellison in this video reminded me of Dean Martin the comedian, but nowhere near as endearing. I must admit I did found myself enjoying his lampooning. In the safety of his disciples he also gives Microsoft stick. Maybe it is because we see some lighthearted human side of this man whose personal image syncs with the ruthless practices of the Giant Oracle business he started and still heads. Disliked or not by non disciples this leader of giants lightheartedly reduces cloud computing to the simplicity of what it is really is: The cloud is Computers hooked up to Networks, that’s all it is. He also distinguishes SaaS as a packaged business model for rental of computing services This is not new either past now and the future, so nothing new. Taking some advice of a long time journalist mate who says don’t just be mesmerised by a good show, always go for balance. which I did I found another video by Marc Benioff CEO of the cloud computing giant, who lampoons Ellison. They are each quite short. Enjoy them both !!! [...]

Swift Codes Reference Information.

A list of Bank SWIFT codes is something you may not think is useful until you need one. I am going one to our resources page for you to book mark for future reference, when you do. What are SWIFT codes you may ask and why would you need one? Today a client asked us for the Swift code so they could pay us. Not having it handy meant the funds transfer was delayed. In a nutshell the SWIFT code is a unique bank code used for all interbank messaging. If you have need to send money from one bank to another especially for international transfers, a SWIFT code is required. Sometimes when you send money, bank staff may look them up for you so you may not be aware. But if your asking customers to pay you via bank transfer they may request it. When you send an international SMS. you need a unique country code before you add the area or provider code which is part of the phone number. Sending money to a bank is no different. There you need specific bank and its code, before you include the branch and beneficiary account information so the funds can be sent. In our case our bank, DBS is in Singapore and our client’s sending bank is in another country. Here is what we gave them, based on a format you can also find on the DBS bank website ….. [...]

Economist says Mining is booming

According to The Economist Feb 25th 2010, article headlined The Data Deluge, using data mining techniques credit-card companies lead the way to identify such things as fraudulent activity. Using data this way Insurance firms too are more able to spot the scams. For example accident claims on a Monday are more likely to be staged as such claimants tend to assemble friends as false witnesses over a weekend. To do this rules based data crouching thru millions of transactions lets them see which cards that are likely to be stolen, and which claims that are likely to be dodgy. This report in its full context is about the unchecked data explosion occurring It reports on its value and use to include benefits of data mining, also known as business intelligence, and the risks to both business and personal information. It is well worth a read…… [...]

BI: Is it about the tools or managers who use them?

With a higher value aligning business and IT to create intelligence centers, companies are now seeing the CIO move back more to coaches’ box. This is also seeing them reduce their time playing go fetch. Many CIO’s now recognize the BI Dilemma and when looking for for BI solutions they don’t just go to a BI Vendor for the answer. They are actually taking a more end to end approach by restructuring to blend with high end business teams to separate BI from the technical side. As they do they are also finding more demand for their time as BI redefines itself to focus on the information value to get business momentum. With a higher value aligning business and IT to create intelligence centers, companies are now seeing the CIO move back more to coaches’ box. This is also seeing them reduce their time playing go fetch. [...]

Getting them in the Funnel

The Eyeblaster funnel analysis shows display advertising is still very important to influence behaviors and get people in the sales funnel. As they move to buy at the conversion and buy choice points “search and display” are more and more important. A question you may ask on this may be, “Is there more to it?” To try to answer that “Reach Beyond the Key Word” was a tag line that got my attention to read more. [...]