Harmonizing organization data for easy access.


Harmonizing organization data and getting easy access to information are mission critical values for IT.

These are also quite often hard to meet without a high risk investments to create a data warehouse.

BI tools can achieve this in a low risk way as a natural outcome of seeking business benefits, like increased quality in managing sales growth.

In many organizations IT strategies champion and support BI implementations. Their aim is  to enroll the business to improve this critical back end service as a strategic way to remove constraints that limit achievement of business performance objectives.

It is interesting that our poll, so far, sees responses largely on the business values with these two high value items lagging. (Ralph Eastman – Poling the BI Value)

Perhaps business leaders should consider how they can align IT on the value of BI to IT and challenge this critical function to consider the value they can bring with BI on a wider scale.

Without a solid foundation of harmonized easy to get to data, none of the other values are possible.image

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