Beware of Criminals making use of your data .


There is so much conversation about social media, but it is not only network marketing media interested in exploiting iits potential. The criminal elements in our communities, it seems, are too interetsded to see how they can put it to use.

Are you one those people hooked on twitter who tells the world every time you leave home or go to some event.

If you do, think again before you this do next time. You may well be telling thieves to take advantage of you.

In his oz-analytics post this week headlined mining social media, Steve Bennett updated us on a site he found that detail how robbers can now see who is not at home using simple twitter stream search.

For many of us who have our emails on websites and public profiles, we may also seek to simplify our lives in the explosion of social networking. For this can join it all up on Facebook or similar sites. But beware what you include as it does not take super intelligence for someone to use this to put it together and then watch and wait till we tell them the coast is clear.

Any robber with a phone and a twitter account, may get an open invitation from to take what he likes because as we tell him we are not at home. A simple key word search on twitter give easily robbers the scoop on you . If you don’t believe me, do a search and see how many people say they are not at home. The web on the phone also provides maps and satellite photos of your street and your house to make the plundering job even easier And it is even easier with an alerting tool to send an email when someone says they’re not home.

The only issue then is it may get a bit crowded at your house if more than one robber turns up with the same idea.

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  1. Your site information is very informative and always thought provoking Getting robbed by twitter in not laugihng matter. Perhaps the police could use twitter to trap crims too.

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