Projects To Manage The Future

sherthaiteam In my work I recently presented some ideas on the maturing state of business intelligence and performance management applications for business.

But choosing the right software to add value is only part of the game. For such change it also needs a plan and commitment.

Making sure your project is well defined, well resourced and well sponsored is the art a PM project success.

The bottom line for making a change to add value to a business is to make sure everyone with a stake in the outcome is involved, is accountable and can win.

In this presentation I was able to share some ideas and from our real life experiences. In the detail I have included some boiler plate steps for success in managing projects.

Here are the slides to look through or download.

Sherwood Group Consulting: PM Executive Presentation


The recorded sound on the day was not good. I will redo it and update the slides for you when I have some spare time. Please let me know if you want me to make that a priority?

6 thoughts on “Projects To Manage The Future

  1. Getting people to do things is so hard. Like a habit that is so hard to break operations people always do operations work first then consider change projects like something for someone else and are not really on their agenda.To be successful you have to find a way to make change continuous process. Selling is such a process that does that and works well when people buy. Consider selling and communications as a key part of projects.
    thanks for this vwry useful post

  2. Pls do not forget to lighten up my idea on your software selection tips and accurate plans to move onwards the targetted business values on business performance management in a measurable figure ^^ (This will help on my research and project plan:)

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