Intelligent frames replace fridge door!

imageCan you imagine the now indispensable fridge magnet that is so much a part of our lives, with your notes, kids pictures, shopping lists and other important odd and ends. being relegated to the rubbish to be replaced by a screen? 

Well, that is what the giant European supermarket chain, Tesco, have in mind for us with their Extending Ecommerce strategy.

The idea that digital photo frames, with integrated magnets would be attached to your fridge, not long ago seemed farfetched. But now the internet will be there soon too so your shopping choices can be made right at the fridge as you look to see what’s missing.

Nick Lansley, is Head of R&D at Tesco In this video he talks how about this and how Tesco recently released their  API to the developer market.

Like the IPhone where developers develop smart phone applications for the phone users, having access to Tesco’s backend product information will allow markets to develop demand based applications for households and more. Providing on tap such things as  product diet options availability and cost with such access to influence buyers choices in their home as it further extend to enhance the consumer buying experience.

With this type of wide reach, real time access to core business information means we will soon see the evolving value of business intelligence extended directly to the end consumer for practical use in their daily lives .

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