Be sure your money is in good hands.

How many of us have our hard earned savings, superannaution or other nest eggs sitting in the hands of people who really have no interest in your welfare. This american call to action to move your money, points out that people in business are generally there for ther health and not yours.

The movie theme is about making your savings safer as it aligs with the “movie story told in the classic film It’s A Wonderful Life — a tale about a small banker, played by Jimmy Stewart, who almost gets crushed by a big banker. In the end, though, the community rallies around the small bank and helps save it….. The tag line is “Move your Money” 


In the US there are around 8000 Banks, many just like the movie. It has been argued this inefficient system is one of the root courses of the American fimacial malaise.  Perhaps but one wonders who profits if they fail? 

Here is another point of view.,

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  1. When I got the Huffiington post update in my News Feed on Dec 31, at the time I noticed there were less than 900 views and it seemed the counter was static!
    Given the emotive nature of this piece that targets Americans innate fear of losing money in banks, to this large circulation paper the view count was cleanly an issue.
    Having delivered a very clever video with a public message using a nostalgic well know movie and with the post byline by the newspaper founder Arianna Huffington herself the view counter malfunction was clearly unsettling.
    Maybe the Google staff were on holiday and no-one was pedaling the counter machine.
    Feedback had some talking about big brother or vested interests manipulation of the numbers.
    In the last few days and it seems the pedals began to turn again.
    The counters, as I write this stand at 226,838 views. The comments also now exceed a massive 4800 and it has been retweeted directly at least 1000 times. i would suspect many more bloggers, like me, who have spread the word by adding their 2 pennies worth in their commentary posts.

    Gordon Wood (Australia)

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