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On December 1 2009. tough new internet disclosure compliance was mandated by the new US Fair Trade regulations that came law there.

Earlier this week I had posted a you-tube video to talk about the implications. While I was researching others opinions on this I found most informative seminar circulating the web, entitled Easy FTC Compliance Seminar – What You Need to Do, Step-by-Step. It is lead by Robert Skrob.

Sanitizing testimonials and endorsements is no longer a moral obligation. The bottom line is there is now no option, when it comes to disclosing of interests.

If you think this only applies to the US think again. Counties around the world are watching closely as the largest economy takes on these far reaching consumer protection laws aimed squarely at internet marketers.

Precedents will quickly kick in very everywhere else as US litigation explodes punitively against defaulters who hold out to be third party endorsers.  With the new laws taking root and being tested in the commercial world,  your sales practices may need to change to ensure you comply.

Suddenly all this more important than ever. Some of the areas to look at include:

  • How documentation is organized for testimonials you use in your marketing.
  • The content in your sales pages and presentations.
  • the relationships you have with people who make third party endorsements
  • The words you can use in seminars to comply with endorsement rules.
  • Liability you now have from affiliate’s actions.

Countries like Australia and across Europe have similar discloser laws in place or in the making. And in places like Asia they are not far behind. Asia is also largely a self regulated market so we will will quickly see consumer protection repose kick in as they move to compete.

At the practical level as buyers get more savvy to hoodwinking lawbreakers, or even ignorant ones who actually believe their own unqualified sales bull,, they will be mistrusted more and more. And anyone who makes unqualified outcome statements or does to not have their interests stated up front will get a nastily surprise. Like avoiding taxes it is just not an option.

With Internet based trends to leverage affiliate programs and endorsements to entice buyers. the  US Lead will be significant for everyone across the globe. If you make money via blogs and social media such as twitter face book and so on you must be aware of the rules.

To quote from a Peter Hoppenfeld one of the layers participating in Easy FTC Compliance Seminar – What You Need to Do, Step-by-Step lead by Robert Skrob.

It reminds me of the expression “Do you want to pay now or pay later?”

Robert Skrob is a business blogger who’s stated his mission is “Help More People, Earn More Money”.  He leads his recorded a seminar to alert marketers about theses new of US Fair Trade Commission rules, He discusses them with his guests, Peter Hoppenfeld and Michael E. Young who are both experienced lawyers in internet marketing and related fields.

Practical discussion on rules that now apply to disclosure by affiliates and other third party endorsement are of great value not only for buyers but also as an extremely informative call for experienced marketers  You can listen to his seminar by visiting his site. It is free to download so I added it here too:  [Audio:IMA-FTCComplianceCall-0912.mp3]

His site is also an excellent resource that  I also recommend you subscribe to:

Robert Skrob

“Help More People, Earn More Money”



In making this recommendation I may now be obliged to make a disclaimer such as:

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