January 2010

Mahajak A Model for Enterprise Innovation

This is a story about a Bangkok apartment operator who took an innovative approach and did well by changing their model to meet a gap in the market when things slowed in the recession. This particular apartment I know very well as we have leased a a suite there for several years [...]

Managing change to make it stick.

Getting people to do new work and change needs great skill. In business and especially large enterprises change takes more than skill. It also needs good teaming with binding cross functional management dialog processes. [...]

Are international language barriers gone?

Readers of our Performance Controller blog come from many non English speaking counties where I am quite sure they already know well about translation tools. But for the English based readers I would venture to say it would be rare they see the value of subscribing to and translating to say a Russian website. I do and I am often pleasantly surprised by some of the high quality and leadership information I get. Give it a try and perhaps see if you can find new opportunities to link up and grow. Another example is I am reading a new book called World Class IT now. that I would recommend. Here is a pr?cis of a book review I was sent recently that in turn I sent on to a Thai colleague in Thai. The practical implications of this are that language in business is no longer a barrier as we can communicate with literally anyone. It is just that simple. [...]

Projects To Manage The Future

In my work I recently presented some ideas on the maturing state of business intelligence and business performance management applications. But choosing the right software to add value is only part of the game. For such change it also needs a plan and commitment. Making sure your project is well defined, well resourced and well sponsored is the art a PM project success. The bottom line for making a change to add value to a business is to make sure everyone with a stake in the outcome is involved, is accountable and can win. In this presentation I was able to share some ideas and from real life experiences. In the detail I have included some boiler plate steps for success in managing projects. Here are the slides to look through or download. [...]

Intelligent frames replace fridge door!

Can you imagine the now indispensable fridge magnet that is so much a part of our lives, with your notes, kids pictures, shopping lists and other important odd and ends. being relegated to the rubbish to be replaced by a screen? Well, that is what the giant European supermarket chain, Tesco, have in mind for us with their Extending Ecommerce strategy. The idea that digital photo frames, with integrated magnets would be attached to your fridge, not long ago seemed farfetched. But now the internet will be there soon too so your shopping choices can be made right at the fridge as you look to see what’s missing. Nick Lansley, is Head of R&D at Tesco In this video he talks how about this and how Tesco recently released their API to the developer market. [...]

Be Disclosed or be closed

Sanitizing testimonials and endorsements is no longer an a morale obligation. The bottom line is there is now no option when it comes to disclosing of interests. To quote from lawyers participating in Easy FTC Compliance Seminar – What You Need to Do, Step-by-Step lead by Robert Skrob. Do you want to pay now or pay later. Robert Skrob is a business blogger whose stated his mission is “Help More People, Earn More Money”. Robert lead and recorded a seminar with leading lawyers to alert marketers about the new of US Faire trade Commission rules, amongst other things These now apply to disclosure by affiliates and other third party endorsement. He discusses with his guests — both experienced lawyers in Internet respectively direct response marketing and related fields — Peter Hoppenfeld and Michael E. Young They do not rehashed information but provide an extremely informative and practical session in this call for experienced marketers [...]

Are You Doing Best Practice Online

A company with online best practice will likely be leveraging Web 2.0 tools and processes to create an engaging online community of customers and partners including collaborative capabilities. This will include discussion forums, wikis with high customer participation and designated community experts tasked with moderation and administration. For example a company with online community programs such as mufti US 2009 services and best practice Star awards Winner: Cisco Systems, Inc., will have quality programs in the following areas: how do you measure up? [...]