Top US CEO’s of the decade

imageEric Schmidt, became CEO of Google in 2001, His watch in the decade saw the Google initial public offering in 2004 with stock skyrocketing from its $85 offering price to $600 by 2007. GOOG’s five-year return was 228.50%.

in the Huffington Post
in her article updated: 12-24-09 01:46 PM Grace Kiser goes on to say”

The 2000s certainly seem like a ghastly decade. The era’s already fabled financial debacles — among them, Enron’s bankruptcy, the burst of the tech bubble, the collapse of a number of financial and lending institutions, and Madoff’s ponzi scheme — can inspire a certain cynicism about the merits and promise of business and entrepreneurship.

But at decade’s end, we didn’t want to forget about the companies and leaders that excelled during the boom and largely weathered the downturn.

We looked at a select group of elite CEOs from a wide range of industries, and plucked out who we think demonstrated the most exceptional leadership over the past ten years. Though our analysis is admittedly subjective, we also considered stock prices — a five-year return, to be specific. And because last year’s financial crisis has battered so many stocks, we also considered softer factors such as long-term vision, brand building, and what each CEO had to contend with when they took the helm.

I do recommended to take a look at the US CEO’s nominations in Grace Kiser’s Huffington Post article. It is a great reference with a summary of the achievements of business leaders nominated. People like Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison plus many more are featured.

There is a poll to vote on too if you want to participate

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