December 2009

Top US CEO’s of the decade

Eric Schmidt, became CEO of Google in 2001, His watch in the decade saw the Google initial public offering in 2004 with stock skyrocketing from its $85 offering price to $600 by 2007. GOOG’s five-year return was 228.50%. I do recommended to take a look at the US CEO’s nominations in Grace Kiser’s Huffington Post article. It is a great reference with a summary of the achievements of business leaders nominated. People like Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison plus many more are featured. [...]

Winning deals from information requests

As part of our business at Sherwood Group Consulting, as Performance Management specialist consultants, we are often drawn in the tender process when it comes to working with large companies. As a team we sometimes surprise ourselves when we win on our own. But of course we never do it alone as we join large vendors like Infor, Microsoft and other big guys and with large consulting firms like Deloitte, who all bring with them their brand weight that can make us attractive. To lead too it often makes sense, as software is now less important in terms of risk than the ground advisors who actually make it happen. Many operators like us with corporate commercial experience on board with business and vendor tools knowledge can make the difference. Now unlike days gone we no longer sell software but we still stand together with our vendors of choice and lead on deals for the consulting component. That way as we assess a prospect or client needs and then recommend a vendor, we are now often sought out as clincher for their sale. Taking the lead also allows us to leverage better value for our client or prospect, which most often also gives greater value for everyone. But enterprise projects these days are no place for the faint hearted Clients are ruthless and commercially oriented in the mature business software vendor market. On knowledge and paying for such things procurements processes often don’t bother to invest properly in understanding what they need and the risks. Instead they rely on the market to cover them as they push all the risk to vendors. So no matter how much you tell them they must do their homework, your contract will hang you out to dry if you don’t make it clear in the words and then fight for it as over and over again as you proceed. [...]

Making Leadership Choices!

For a few years I have been routinely updating a collection of Humour for all Occasions with material my friends send to me. Last week I received this story from Ineke Williams in Australia. You may have seen it. It has been republished quite a bit. Given we lead in a certain ways, the twist gives something think on to motivate. My noble stand in sharing it on PerformanceController, is to stimulate alternative thinking on how to build winning teams. Far-fetched and unrealistic, maybe? The real truth is, I just like the story!!! It starts and ends with a question, Would you have made same choice? [...]

COP15 kicks off

COP15 is generating plenty of press with more to come as the vested interest gloves come off in the US. There today they are fighting for the status quo and argue climate change is a myth. But the options are unpalatable if they are wrong so the world leaders do need to agree on reduction measures that will surely also mean change our excessive way of living. COP15 agreement is the step needed to make that happen so the work can really begin Nick Main Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) Global Leader, Climate Change & Sustainability is on the ground at the the Copenhagen Climate conference . His blog is worth subscribing to. Here is a copy of his latest update on proceedings. [...]

Business Intelligent; better than sex?

Do you struggle to get the numbers you need to manage your business? Many others do too! Dashboard reports are of great value when they always reflect the reality of the here and now. And when they cone to life with always current information and an ability to rotate perspectives and drill to detail it gives a buzz that, for some, is better than sex. Our Sherwood Group Consulting team recently rolled out the preliminary design is prototype BI tool for a large sales force based organization. Impressive, beyond our expectation, excellent and just what we need were some of the comments. And “Wow, it also does the analysis for us so we now concentrate on making decisions faster? [...]