Letter from India: Following that dream

imageHere is part of a letter from India sent home to family and friends by Kate Wood. it was dated on April 26 2006. Since then Kate has gone on building her original design fashion house.  In the face adversity of  reduced consumer spending. she went against the odds to start her business The Dancing Feather.

Based around the unique of flavor of India, with its emerging high end “India” fashion tastes now highly sought after, her success to date is all to do with her determination to define and get in touch with her chosen market. In this crowded space she has sought a way for people to express themselves with quality distinctive fashion that is also very affordable.

Here is her letter around the time she was getting it all started:

‘Decision making has quite a different flavor here. It is not an orderly process of weighing up and considering; it’s a bombardment of bafflement and sudden clarity of capricious but authoritative intent’….

I saw this in book I’ve just finished reading, which sums up perfectly the way it is here.

Today here I am in Goa. Palolem. Yes, yes I’m aware that Goa is still not the real India,  especially with 1 foreigner to 9 Indians. But my living quarters tell a very different story. It is just off the beach again in the village. My shanti shack’….. with its Spanish green interiors has a pink patterned bedspread and a pillow that reads “Be Happy Always”

India screams affirmations at you wherever you go;  A cement alcove serves for a washroom with two buckets supplied for collecting water. Pigs, chooks, dogs and cows together with a family feel fortuned from a friend who invites me for my favorite ‘real Indian’ food each day for lunch.

On a hired a scooter the other day with a friend I went for a road trip a little north to Agonda- with its 3 kilometer stretch of lush white sand.  I counted just 8 people the whole time we were there. Yes there is space in India!!

Then onto another little piece of paradise where there was a semi fresh water lagoon that kissed the ocean. “5 star tikitaya” (which means the best “real indian” food and the cheapest- less than $1) delivered to us for dinner on the beach. Heaven! Papaya juice on the roadside, chai at shiva’s temple and ride back on sunset. Lovely.

In Goa at every corner, every turn I’m reminded of somewhere….but where, I have no idea? Fleeting moments of the familiar flood my thoughts yet I can’t put a finger on any of it. China, Thailand, Darwin, Byron, Victoria, St Andrews, Etham, my back yard, Everywhere I’ve ever known is here. To be honest it’s freaking me out a little, thinking I might have to move on as it’s creating a saddening feeling of home sickness.

But it brings me back to the passage at the top that I don’t know exactly where to next, monsoons only a few weeks away so until then I’m just kicking back beachside while I still can…..and mentally beginning to prepare for the real adventure…


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