Teaching Marketing in Kindergarten

image Leaning social skills is something that is high on curriculums in baby schools. Nurturing to encourage kids to work together and to understand each other and how they fit is a critical part of early development.

But teaching a group how to sell itself is another thing. In many cases these concepts are not formally engaged until university level or even  later when individuals  join the workforce. And then only when they have aptitude to fit as leader that qualifies them for management courses.

It is will known that children are encourage to play to learn social and life skills such as:

  • Coping with conflict
  • Enjoying environments
  • Communicating ideas
  • Using imagination to find solutions
  • Learning how to enjoy of simple things
  • Sharing and cooperating
  • Value of contributions of others
  • Being productive in a winning team

    I got these for points from an article called children-playing-how-it-helps-in-healthy-growth

    But where is the marketing in all that?  Nothing we see in our childhood learning qualifies the dynamics of behavior, values and need that drive markets. And nothing really tells us about the importance to understand the mix of product price that are crucial to the end customer or the placement and promotion that is key to both providers and customer wanting to know how to find them. Nor are the attributes of each that are so important to distinguish the relevant markets sectors.

    • The marketing mix involves the 7’p involving, Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical Evidence, Process and People.

    This figure shows the core pieces and some examples.


    The plethora of information on the web expands this bit a useful resource is http://www.learnmarketing.net/theory.htm

    When examining these it is important to understand how social need and buying experience, trust and value play a key role in how markets operate. And then in turn how marketers blend and apply strategy to each "P" to balance and exploit this for value. It is vital to understand the formative building blocks that children that drive dynamics of macro economics that influence much of our buying.

    It is well know that human behavior is driven by patterns formed based on perceptions of trust  yet nothing is taught about tactics of influence and the ethics of market manipulation and advantage.It is all assumed in the learning of these life skills.

    Being the best at something, having the best product or the social skills to sell it is not enough. You need to know how to play the game too. That is what is taught in Kindergarten that makes the difference. If you learned that well the chances are you will also be successful in marketing.

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    1. Dr. Kitipan, I presume you are referring to the visit by Lynda Sonsome from Natex Engineering Group in Australia when she did a cameeo show peach at the Bangkok Powertalk Group about alternative views on how China is developing as am economic power base.

      Perhaps you can elaborate more for others reading what she actually said.

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