September 2009

On Demand Google & Microsoft War

A first shot has been fired in battle that is sure to be interesting to see customers get real benefit of the competition for the massive communication and self organized collaboration services market that drive business. Google strategy is now very clear as they are drill straight into the Microsoft Exchange servr establishment with their ease of conversion and purportedly massive savings to come over As they do this they are also attacking the Office Tools powerbase of the which is the all powerful kernel of the Microsoft Giant. Here is a short testimonial video being promoted by Google that says it all. [...]

The Winner Is – and litigious they are!

Litigation goes mad in the US I wonder as a society, are US juries getting more stupid….or are more members of Congress serving on juries these days? Here are 7 doosies that nmade rhe finals of the past years dumb litigation outcomes. [...]

Teaching Marketing in Kindergarten

Leaning social skills is something that is high on curriculums in baby schools. Nurturing to encourage kids to work together and to understand each other and how they fit is a critical part of early development. But teaching a group how to sell itself is another thing. In many cases these concepts are not formally engaged until university level or even later when individuals join the workforce. And then only when they have aptitude to fit as leader that qualifies them for management courses. [...]

BI Project Stakeholders

Because BI projects integrate data and analytics across many business functions, especially for projects that are part of enterprise performance management initiatives. That makes them high profile especially when many expectations may not all be the same . [...]