Performance Management Seminar

Last year, we did a series of tailored seminars in Singapore, Melbourne, and Thailand. Each had a different local theme.

In Singapore, for example, we looked at future directions, in Australian we looked at maturity holding models for business and in Thailand we looked at the dichotomies of the internal and regional economic situation.

That was a year ago at the time when world economies were facing big downturn issues and before the recession took its deep rooted hold. It is now interesting to look back on what we were thinking as we are now starting to see signs of recovery.

Here is the Thailand version we recorded at Bangkok at the Sukhothai Convention Center event. It looked at the economic position from a Thai perspective. We used this to make generic points about performance management and how to use it as a methodology in business everywhere.

This session was sponsored by Infor, vendors of performance management software, We used that software to support our discussion.

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