Jobs for our Kids as Giant’s Merge

Finally, the joining of Yahoo and Microsoft seems done. Microsoft has invested $100 million on advertising Bing on just one theme: Searching must be as satisfying an experience as it could be. Their ads clearly direct criticism at Google, whose dominant brand name is synonymous with search. But the market share that Bing was imagewinning was at the expense of Yahoo rather than Google. So now they are working together this will change.

Careers in advertising are now topping the lists. This straw poll clearly shows that. I just wonder what happened to the practical things like, being a policeman, a doctor, rocket scientist or a fireman or even making something. How things have changed! Or have they?  Of course we do know one thing for sure. As the advertising market battles of such giants continue, we will always see mega money being spent for market share. So it is little or no wonder this is a focus for jobs for our kids.

And “selling the sizzle not the sausage” has always been the bit that robots cannot do. This is even more important now with Information products becoming as important as physical products. That needs clever people to ensure the emotional and social value of the benefits, as well as the functional value, is understood and delivered in the buying experience. So it seems advertising is all the go now to get a share of the market or just get you to buy, whatever it may be.

To get to the chart this was from one of my LinkedIn Groups this week. There I answered a poll that ADWEEK  had submitted. It is interesting to note that in a few days there were over 2600 responses including mine. And in spite of the perceived paradigm shift that has occurred in the advertising world in the last few years, the answer also shows this is seen as a good job for our kids. Judging by the responses, the analytical nature of this industry has appeal, even though for many a perception exists that  advertising is now largely self administered by search engine providers, who  link suppliers and customers users with web robots.

We, of course, know this is quite different as we run this blog and know the effort it takes to think about the audience and what may interest our subscribers. To date, we have resisted the urge to monetize. But when we do, even though we will only do so for the benefit of our readers to get access to products we endorse, when we do that, we earn money from the referral. If you are interested and already registered click on the chart to go check out the comment

The agreement last week between Yahoo and Bing makes the industry appeal much greater for many now too. While Microsoft clearly are heading up a battle to be the challenger to Google, with its acquisition of the Yahoo search engine goodies, its new partner on the front line, Yahoo are poised to focus more on the advertising world.  Copywriter and creative skills will become more in demand  as the competition for better content to sell product ramps up. Real Estate and Travel to name just a couple will be in even more demand.


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