New Lighthouse Approach for Advisors

image One way to survive is to milk the value till the cow is done. Another is when we have something of value is to just give it away.


In keeping with this free theme emerging as everyone is trying to get attention, these days with buy one get one free service, why would you even pay for a consultant to tell you the time when you already have or can easily buy a perfectly good watch. You know how that goes….

So if you are a consultant why not just tell them the time for free, yes Free with no strings. Then of course when it comes to trust you are established already as some kind of expert and you are positioned to for help with more exciting things.

I am reminded of the time when navigation became automated. My mate Larry McCain who lives in Windsor Ontario began to say he was one of the new breed of  lighthouse keeper. This got attention when he told people it was a free service he could offer.  He always got bags of work and is still very successful advising people today, despite all the downturns in Detroit and so on.

These days I don’t quite tell people I am a watchmaker. But what I once sold,  I now give away free and I do better than just survive.  Albeit I must add, like my mate, the bags are not so big right now.

But at least we are not complaining and we are happy to give away our best work, which puts new business opportunities our way so we can actually still grow.



Footnote: The Lighthouse service pictured is at Port Philip bay heads at Point Lonsdale It is operated as a free service of the Port Of Melbourne Business via web Camera 

It is interesting one of the few in the world still manned is Point Lonsdale Lighthouse over the narrow entrance to Port Phillip Bay in Australia. The Rip, as it is known, is one of the most notorious entrances to any bay in the world.

Photo Point Lonsdale Lighthouse at Dawn courtesy Peter Marin

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