Is Using Body Language Redundant?

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With communication in web mode much more, is body language changing or becoming less important?

Body language as we know it, forms the major part of all effective communication. A test is, we rarely close a significant deal or change something complex as a team without at least one or two face to face meetings.

In Asia, as with many other parts, where English is a second language, I find to listen by also watching body language  brings greater success. When I fail to do this or I’m ambiguous with mine, sadly I am misunderstood and fail miserably. I found this too with raising my kids.

With so  many of us are now working and influencing things remotely, the opportunity for real face time is less practical. I am interested in views and experiences of people who can still remain effective and what actually works for them now?


5 thoughts on “Is Using Body Language Redundant?

  1. With exports markets shrinking and business turning to domestic markets in the face of recession, I wonder will remote management will cause a body language gap and issues when we return back to full global trading?

  2. Hi Gord,

    Our organization sets up work at home models for service desks. We use a tool called, “Megameeting” that allows the Service Desk Manager/TL’s to see all of the Analysts via webcam all on one screen.

    The body language and facial expressions are all captured during the interactions.

    Michael Jagdeo

    1. Hi Michael,

      That looks like a great tool. I am interested in your experience and those of others on how you engage.

      Getting and sending messages that involves watching and reading reactions of others adjacent can be hard, when you don’t have direct eye contact on teleconferencing.

      I would also be interested in how you handle people in other companies and in distant regions such as in foreign countries etc. who are less familiar with you.

      Cheers Gordon

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