Adapting flexible working patterns



Recetly around the world it looks like everyone is working to recover the economy via various stimulation packages. I would hope by the end of Q3 or early Q4, we should see some upturns. Before economies turn, the idea of flexible working is being deployed more and more in various industries. Globally, the workforce is now more diverse than ever before, reflecting changes in society and economy. The demand for part-time and other flexible working patterns is increasing as a consequence.

 In performance management we advise organizations on how to adapt and deploy the idea of success through  measurements tied to business objectives. This is a most effective for communicating to all employees what is vital for success. Transparency and accountability is therefore required to allow effective control over multi-dimension business objectives.


Changing working patterns and franchised style operations demand integrated performance based resource management and feedback systems that let people know where they are. This  is now quite viral as people pass on tasks where the employer or customer often has no idea who the employee or provider is as They simply have managed processes to procure and pay for services based on outcomes.

Here is a metaphoric example:

CEO manages company performance to meet cooperate strategy by analyze information in a reasonable time after period-end. To Peel Tower

CFO  manages actual spending and budget gaps. Take this route to Peel Tower

Dept Management executes and manages operational activities. Do we have enough fuel?

Good communication infrastructure with integrated planning and feedback systems allow related and disparate parties to tackle problems and work together. And  when things go wrong or before things get worse they can act without need to be in the same place.

Not to mention being able to create transparent and auditable Knowledge Management foundation to share ideas and solutions and to check outcomes and rewards.

In summary, allowing team members to “control” work forces (resource) to  cooperate on achieving business objectives advocates flexible working patterns.

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