June 2009

Facts may lie, but I need a correct version?

Figures can lie but lies cannot figure. That was a saying our business school lecturer would throw at our class to make sure we presented correct numbers in our stories. There are many variations of this. Possibly the most nauseous, but still very useful is what we hear still being trooped out by IT people and software vendors is their aim to give us “The same version of the truth”. But to be fair, these days in the transparent [...]

Big Business Social Network Scams

According to this news article, Twitter users have caused an uproar by impersonating celebrities on the popular micro-blogging service. Businesses, too, are targets of fake Twitter profiles — sometimes from competitors. Exxon Mobil Corp. has found at least two unauthorized Twitter accounts under variations of its name. [...]

Seller beware of your duty of care

In sales situations the quality of the competitive product is not always the issue. Varied solutions options and quality of offerings all too often compete in the same race for the buyer’s prize money. In this complex marketplace, where snake oil salesmen are always about for the pickings, winning deals requires good fit and positioning, good timing, and a highly informed understanding of the prospects performance requirements. But regardless of approach a difficult responsibility of selling is to ensure prospects are fully informed about what they are buying. This is amplified as procurement processes look to fine print to transfer consequential risks to vendors. Even more telling on Vendors promises is linking them to KPI measures to give Buyers very sharp fangs to strike back fiercely. Then beware any vendor whose product or service promises fall short of buyer’s supply chain expectations. Vendor lined KPIs aside, due diligence in sales needs high attention for other reasons. [...]

Modeling is not just for catwalks

How many managers understand what drives their business and how it is financed? And how many understand the laws of return on investment or breakeven analysis and critical mass. Last year in December, at the Crown Casino Ballroom in Melbourne, I had a night to remember. Our daughter Kate, now 28, graduated from the Melbourne School of Fashion. There she had completed a Fashion Management & Design degree after 6 years of part and full time effort. With 16 design graduates, it was a gala event with professional models parading their creations before industry icons who had come to assess the new release of talent. Unlike many industries, fashion design is brutal on all who participate, as it ruthlessly starts at the top. Needless to say the show was world class. [...]

Did you ever get it backwards?

They say you should never complain, never explain and never threaten to resign. That is one of the Golden Rules of life. On this occasion I am going to break it and explain a mistake in my post earlier this week, entitted NEVER Be The First To Get Old The content was a poem, intended for another blog called Humour for all Occasions. That blog hosts jokes some of my friends share with me on a regular basis. You know, the ones that annoy when we feel compelled to read them because they were sent by the friend. For me, forwarding them to a blog was one way to deal with them. Then at my leisure, I could read and share them without falling for the same trap. So if you were are looking for a context on the Performance Controller Blog. I could say “Get a life, as business it is not all about working”. And as I think more about it I may even try to make this mistake again. But as mistakes happenm it is interesting in this medium everyone also sees it immediately. Subscriber and RSS feed services and in my case also, automatic updating on social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and DIGG all grab the message before I can even say, OOPS. [...]

Adapting flexible working patterns

Currently around the world it looks like everyone is working to recover the economy via various stimulation packages. I would hope by the end of Q3 or early Q4, we should see some upturns. Before economies turn , the idea of flexible working is being deployed in various industries. Globally, the workforce is now more diverse than ever before, reflecting changes in society and economy. The demand for part-time and other flexible working patterns is increasing as a consequence. [...]