What we read in April 2009

rapheastman1How can we take holidays in the middle of recession. Just do it, I say and why not if you can get away with it?  It is is a great thing but you sure come back to earth when you find it  all there waiting for you. But I am back now and here is a quick round up the last month and some stuff on whats’ to come.



My  Quote for this month

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.    – Peter Drucker

Your Feedback

Last month over 7000 visitors come to read us and over 60% who stayed over.  As I am wrting this there are 251 people visiting now according to our blog meter. So it looks like we got something going which we  hope we  can keep up!!

Here is what we wrote about:

Between Gordon Wood and imageKitipan Kitbamroong they wrote quite a  bit. Being away I was a bit slack as are some of our other regulars who are busy sorting out the recession . If you are new to us please check out all our profiles >>  You are most welcome as a guest too.

I know many have already read them but in here they are listed in case  you missed some

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 Our April Posts included

Sponsored Advisory Service

Our sponsor Sherwood Group Consulting and employer to some of us is planning to provide us some analytical stuff to help business. This will be a future pages and we may even invite vendors and product sponsors to advertise there as we write about them.  There are also some gurus about that we know that we will seek out to share things with you on this forum.

Other Changes in the works

In keeping with business best practice theme of continuous improvement I plan to to tell you more on what’s coming,  That is if I can pin the other guys down. We think that may help us test what you want us to research and write on and also keep our bloggers focussed  on up their jobs. Let’s face it if we don’t encourage them somehow how can we keep fooling them there is  kudos in it for them.I wil ofcourse be keeping my reviews on interesting stuff we read about.

One more thing. We are considering doing a membership service with monthly newsletter updates for more value add to readers who can join. That will take some time yet as we plan a launch. Our goal for this is to facilate a forum solving real business issues with in open converations with peer members. More on that later.

Working Habits


In the works being planned are some posts that look a business performance from other perspectives. Here is part of our advance list:

Is Being Social Good Business?  An editorial that attempts an answer to what is defining imperatives of social  networking options for business

Cutting out the Middle Man. A study of  eveolutionary changes that oocur when downstream services vital in emerging product are stranded as markets mature.

Modeling is not just for catwalks A case study post about key bread and butter approaches to financing and managing  a business

Get attention in first 5  seconds  Communication imperatives discussion about being effective in selling

Calling a spade a spade A realistic look at the function of BI in  business without all the hype and some a wake up call to the industry that supports it

We would love any comments on these question that we can weave into our  posts. All valid comments are acknowledged with trackbacks and reciprocal follow back to send traffic to you. So be sure to sign off with you brand and include the link to your site.

Whoi we added to our Blog Roll

 Private Banking 

Private Bank Secrets Revealed This site is information goldmine of value and one of the best I have seen. For Stehen Chua it is labour out of frustration and disgust at the way the Banking World treats their so called valued clients.

Working Knowledge

This site for business is exactly what the name says.  Andrea Meyer is CEO of Working Knowledge and a writer on innovation, strategy, and productivity for 21 years. Clients include MIT, Harvard Business School, McKinsey & Co., YPO, Wharton, OECD

 Stephen Few

Stephen Few has a to the point non nonsense style. As a practicing and very expereinced top end consultant advising on IT solutions for business his  blog as he says provides ideas and opinions that are either too urgent to wait for a full-blown article or too limited in length, scope, or development to require the larger venue.


Sawbones Updateimage

 Have you been to see Sherriff Sawyer and Bones O’Brien doing their stuff yet This new brand of very funny contemporary humour is being updated weekly in a comic. It is fast going viral as the marketers say now and is raging up a storm in literary circles.It is interesting that comics to work they must refect society and attitudes and this one is so it could be a litmus test for considering ideas for emerging markets.


Check out:Sawnbones




Microsoft Home of the Future

I just got this video from a twitter follower. It is A BBC news item about how Microsoft wants us all to live in the future.

walking-the-frogWhat happened to using your brain and just having fun walking the frog or surfing at the  beach. And I wonder were family and friends fit. The mind also boggles when you think how they will automate life in the master bedroom. Maybe then we just download sex as an interactive process.

Come on guys get real. Go spend your billions on something useful.

Some Trivia – A Third Ear


 Did you ever think think it would be useful to be a fly on the wall or have a third ear. Here is an Australian artist Stelarc who shows off third ear implanted in his arm 

Check Out  >> Third Ear Post



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