Are you qualified to be CEO?

Free Aung San Suu Kyi

North Korea is keeping the heat up around Asia,

Myanmar is clarifying it’s diplomatic standing upon Aung San Suu Kyi.

And maybe we can have a chance to meet Iran’s first lady after the June election


What these events share in common is the question “Who’s going be the leader?”

For interest, I wondered what similarities these CEO’s have with leaders in business and what such people need to reach that position in their working career.

The types of organizations we focus on are international firms with recognized corporate governance. My interest and focus therefore in the world that I work and focus on being firms that provide transparency and monitoring system as well as foster positive relationship.

Several studies I saw and from my observation in my world and performance management consultant I wandered what it needs to be a CEO, by being more realistic,

Some questions asked are:

  • – What department do most CEO come from?
  • – Among the “qualifications for CEO”, what is the most important qualification and why?

CEO’s reading me I am sure already know the answers better and I would defer to them. But from studies I found, over 50% of CEO’s come from Legal, followed by Finance then Marketing and Sales. So if you are an engineering working in an engineering department, good advice may be to get a degree in law or business and change departments.

Interesting too is that several articles concluded that being “Logical and able to communicate” are most important qualifications. Being logical of course is not being good at math but being able to monitor and manage issues in a well ordered way.

Logical workers such as Engineers, IT, and Accounting & Production who deal in hard facts and need clear processes need a leader who understands their logical world. On the hand a more creative side, where difficult and often softer issues, needs workers experienced to manage the more abstract side of business. Legal Procurement, Marketing, Sales and Finance people are typically on the sharp end of these issues so the leaders there needs to understand how the business world from the more “creative” side.

Being a CEO therefore means being able to lead people from different worlds in harmonized ways. It covers all business facets from setting and leading the business strategies for marketing and sales plans, and for services support them such as Finance, Procurement, Production, and Services and so one down to customer and employee clip_image002[6]satisfaction, So it is critical to be able to communicate and understand issues throughout the total company from the perspective e of all the worlds.

Perhaps now when about Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson I can understand why he remains top. He wins the heart of people working with him by having all of these qualifications and more.

By the way his first job as a CEO was when he was 16 and he now, according to Forbes  in the top 500 of the richest men on the world.





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