May 2009

Young at Heart Achievers

Several years ago, on a flight from London to Melbourne, I sat next to a soft-spoken Scotsman from Aberdeen, who was then CEO of a business unit of Siemens. Long haul business travellers usually seek solitude. but on this occasion we engaged in what was the beginning of a friendship. The humility and enthusiasm of this generous high achiever was uplifting as he talked about using role models to motivate his organization. One he enthused about Cliff Young an Australian who at 61 achieved the impossible to win the in 1983 Sydney to Melbourne ultra marathon, a 900km run. [...]

Are you qualified to be CEO?

North Korea is keeping the heat up around Asia, Myanmar is clarifying it’s diplomatic standing upon Aung San Suu Kyi. And maybe we can have a chance to meet Iran’s first lady after the June election What these events share in common is the question “Who’s going be the leader?” For interest, I wondered what similarities these CEO’s have with leaders in business and what such people need to reach that position in their working career. [...]

Cutting out the Middle Man

As large companies continue to consolidate and look at ways to rationalize they inevitably focus to cut out the middle man. The falling out of Singapore International Airlines with one of their major agents, Flight Centre in Australia, tells the story of this type of change. [...]

Is Being Social Good Business?

As social networking in business rapidly continues defining itself we may see many large and small players circumvented if they ignore it. One thing I notice with many business peers, including CEO’s and business leaders alike, is they generally focus on what they understand well. Social networks” as a relatively new phenomena is generally not one of them. [...]

Tackling the XY Generation Gap

Those who have come into management jobs in the last 18 years of growth and affluence now have challenges. Companies are now very lean and highly intent on remaining viable as they look to position for upturn when it comes. The skills for pulling all this all together are in short supply. I am not sure if the so called XY Gen awakening is so evident yet. But these guys are seriously racing to get skill sets needed to manage all this. I have no doubt that there is a rapid maturing of the so called good times over indulging and conservative “me” generations that make up much of our business culture . [...]

What we read in April 2009

How can we take holidays in the middle of recession. Just do it, I say and why not if you can get away with it? It is is a great thing but you sure come back to earth when you find it all there waiting for you. But I am back now and here is a quick round up the last month and some stuff on whats’ to come. My Quote for this month There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. – Peter Drucker Your Feedback Last month over 7000 visitors come to read us and over 60% who stayed over. As I am wrting this there are 251 people visiting now according to our blog meter. So it looks like we got something going which we hope we can keep up!! Here is what we wrote about: [...]

In scope or not?

This week, I had a meeting with a client to review the requirements for a BI project. Turns out that most of the points we asked were responded with “please put it as an option in the proposal”. What this tells is that the client doesn’t know what they want at all. [...]