Clowns a plenty, but no tent.

imageBeing flexible to take advantage of opportunity is not one of the stronger attitudes of people. In the end we are creatures of habit which is what organizations rely on, to have us do our work.

But as the markets have been changing and work place thinking reassesses its investments, options for those willing to change are now considerable, especially for people with real skill now in demand.

As one of my colleagues said to me recently,  "Having a job  sure beats working." What he meant was,  those who avoid dole queues and the anxiety of the job search, are those who can adapt.

In organizations it is no different. Getting into different work may be as simple as using the skills we have another way. Using things like software as a service and cloud services for outsourcing to get results quickly are now reality. They are being used for such things as sales and supply chain management widely and now are starting to surface in previously hallowed areas like confidential business analytics. But even this is outside the square for so many people like Mr. Duck


But think about it.  Even the  outsource worker has  caught on to how to work on a remote VPN access; And is also doing well in this new world, as many companies still struggle with an out-dated mentality that will leave them behind, as others set up new tents .

Talented people and organization that are also smart  enough to see the opportunity are going there and winning.

 This reminds  me of the good old story of Mr.Duck . It goes something like this.

A duck walks into a pub and orders a pint of beer and a ham sandwich. "Hang on! imageyou’re a duck, and you can talk!" exclaims the barman.

The duck responds with an indignant, "Yes!", adding "Now if you don’t mind, can I please have my beer and my sandwich ?"

The barman, still quite stunned, calls through the order to the kitchen as he pulls the beer, saying, "We don’t get many ducks in here.  What are you doing round this way anyway?"

"I’m a plasterer." on the building site across the road," explains the duck"  to make the story short the duck becomes a regular. The  barman, over a  few weeks, learns the duck can read, sing and much more.

Then one day opportunity knocks when the the circus comes to town. The barman, Knew the building job was nearly completed which would mean no more work for the duck. He was vey keen to introduce him to the ringmaster who had put it about in the bar that he was looking for talent.

When the duck came  in for his usual pint and a sandwich he was greeted with , "Hey Mr. Duck, I can line you up with a top paying job."

"Where says the duck?" quite excited at the prospect of new work.
"At the circus," says the barman.
"The Circus?" say the duck quizzically,"You mean that place with the big tent, animals and performers who live in caravans?"
"Yes that’s the one,"said  the barman enthusiastically.""They are looking for talent like yours and they asked me to put you in touch "

"The duck shook his head in amazement sighing ..

And what the hell would they want with a plasterer?!"

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