April 2009

Leveraging small business in downturn

Small business now has a sustainable edge and personal trust is a competitive advantage. Small is the new big. Sustainable is the new growth. Customers are now looking for people they can trust and for a CEO who picks up the phone when they ring. Presently in our consulting firm we are busy it seems as many in business want help to get their houses in order. One of my colleagues crystallized this saying he thought it as just doing different work. But in fact is we are not. We are doing the same work but what we would have previously done as part of branded solution that we may have sold as a solution partner. [...]

Can I have more money?

If you have kids, you will understand the anxiety most parents get when the kids come at them constantly asking for money. And usually it is for all sorts of justifiable things that come up out of the blue. When the semester begins, when school excursions get scheduled, for extra pocket money and so on it goes. Yet somehow you manage to get through it. For companies, like kids, we have to run a budget For this companies assign responsibility and ask managers to plan resources based on their services levels This money allocation process for this is called Budgeting and tales a serious amount of time in many organizations as they sort out the priorities. [...]

Is a CEO job to crank out widgets?

With limited time available in the quest for productivity, we multi task. Or do we? If this is not true what is it that we do? Multi-tasking I just learned it is a myth. Something you do when you drive home and then wonder who drove. This week I found I was challenged as I juggled my priorities and my personal life. Having already reduced my to-do list to something sensible, it still looked foreboding. To make it worse, the unforeseen political agenda in Thailand where I have been doing business this month has thrown normality into chaos. Plus, my daughter just announced she was arriving early to visit me this week from her India trip, before we then head home to Australia together next week . So it was time to step up my skill in multi tasking. But before I did I decided to do some research on just what that was. [...]

Bailout: This is just how it is?

GM CEO Fritz Henderson is quoted as saying “bankruptcy is probable but not preferred; experts say it won’t be smooth or fast.” That is the news just in about this Giant USA Automaker struggling for its very survival. But what is the cause of all this and how do people feel about the bailout? [...]

Educating an Expediential Planet?

The rate of change is so incredible; it is hard to believe that China is becoming the world’s number one English speaking country. Mind blowing is the fact that for technical students starting a four year degree, half of what they lean will be out of date before their third year of study is completed. What about jobs? Did you know that the top 10 jobs in demand now did not exist in 2004? Education and changing peoples ability to cope with change is a critical issue. Our thirst for knowledge and to be connected it seems are the biggest selling commodities today. The truth is the opportunities are boundless and I just wish I could have my time over again. But education and changing peoples ability to cope with change is a critical issue [...]