March 2009

Finding cockroaches in the business!!

A Retail Bank needed help with a problem. Their diminished response to market capability had been magnified by key information not being available until way past the use-by date. This was threatening their ability to make timely business decisions and remain competitive. This case describes the issues and how they were handled. [...]

Incentive Compensation Designs

Recently, I was involved in a conversations with some business leaders about incentives and compensation scheme that companies offers in today’s tough economic situation This discussion was also mindful things like the debate around AIG’s bonuses to 73 executives where reasonable. And it asked the question is “What is the normal incentive scheme that most companies uses” and “ which one of them fits with my company?” [...]

Is a CEO job now just a doddle?

For CEO’s and all C levels now, if you like a challenge, the ability to focus a business has never been so easy. Let me put it another way. CEO’s I meet now are saying, with the so called good times gone, people are actually cutting the crap and just focusing on the business and quality to get results. So it is much simpler now. The great news for me is, as I lead in our advisor and service provider firm, our clients are finding this too. [...]

Making Decisions in Risky Situations

We make decisions all day every day. At times we do this on automatic pilot. At other times the process is much more deliberate. We are mentally more engaged and weigh up the pros and cons. [...]

Carbon Constrained World Reality

In my monthly reading review for February, I raised some issues about climate change. The key points of this I now restate in summary: A conference, in Dec 2009 in Copenhagen of around 170 countries as parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ((UNFCCC), , will meet for the last time on government level, before a climate agreement is to be renewed. Early agreement is needed there so countries can get the treaty through their domestic legislation in time for 2013 start. [...]

Amazing Stitch in Time Innovation

Yes in this case the use of the word “stitch” is very correct. This refers to a photo stitch process that was used for this truly amazing photographic work by Julian Kalmar. This shows the glory of the fully restored Piaristen Church in Vienna built circa 1715-22 My story here is about an innovative business photographer. He is not only a good at his craft, but he has also perfected a unique process to make this world first photo. [...]