Getting a Cargo Cult Job

The post, Cargo Cut Provides Jobs, in January summarises a challenge by Charles Caro to a concept that job search firms have similar cargo cult magic that brings jobs.

Even Blind Freddy knows job creation is driven by the economics of supply and demand with multipliers like investment gearing up and creating money to feed this. But, as Eastman’s further research found, Cargo Cult worship and beliefs still exist. So maybe Charles Caro is making a stronger of more significant point .

More importantly in our highly mobile and transient commercial world, is learning about getting the job done. Especially so now with fewer around as many multipliers have been going into reverse gear since late 2008.

Another view is with the Baby Boomer generation fast moving out of the picture of influence the new breeds must take charge. Debt Squeezed Baby Bust Generation X, with Free Agents Spoiled Brat Generation Y and now the Under-20s ‘i-Generation’ all have it in front of them .

But it seems many are confused about this and have been for some time. Perhaps a new subject in grade schools called: “Getting a job.”  will fix that.  But or now I fear Cargo cults jobs, when you can get one, may still prevail.

One thought on “Getting a Cargo Cult Job

  1. I Like this man’s advice..

    “Kevin’s heard me say a thousand times, “The most qualified job hunter is rarely the one who gets the offer?” Yup that’s right. It’s not a typo. I’m not crazy. The best positions go to the people who do the best job at positioning themselves as the best solution to an employer’s problem — once in they’re in the interview. And that’s the rub. ”

    That is an extract from a worth a read post :

    It goes on where I found one very notable point that Kevin Watson, the author makes

    “Employers only hire when they have problems to solve. And they will only hire you if they can specifically see you as the solution to their problems.”

    Sounds a bit like selling doesn’t it?

    Check it out
    Job Hunting Case Study: Kevin Watson – The Resume Makeover with before and after examples. see

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