Australian Bush Fires – In memory

1 For Aussies affected by the Fires on Feb 7 this month we acknowledge and pay respect to those who lost their lives. Our sincere condolences go to all those who lost their families and close friends. Many more are still in critical care and all that are affected have to now recover and rebuild their homes and their lives.

Some of our team at home in Australia saw close up the generous support that came from not only locals but from every everywhere to help those  left who have to now rebuild their lives. Gratitude for what has already come in would grossly understate the general responses.  But we know it is still not enough and take this opportunity to encourage anyone who feels so inclined to donate via the Australian Red Cross.   If anyone still needs help to make contact with anyone still missing you can also contact the Red Cross or we can help if you leave a note here for us to contact you. (but please marking it “private” so it is not published).

Most of you have seen the press which has been extensive with world wide cover. The size and ferocity of these monster fires have been extinguished  since Saturday 3 weeks ago on Feb 7 2009  But the pictures continue to remind us of the extent of the suffering they brought.

These pictures taken by fire fighters to help learn for future events.


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