What we read in Jan 2009.

Happy Chinese New Year

With the new year underway on January 1 this month we also heralded in the Year of the OX and Chinese New Year, which began on 26th of January. In China, where it is also called “Spring Festival”,  it celebrates the beginning of the spring planting season. The changing date each year is dependant on the Chinese calendar invented in 2637 B.C.by Emperor Huangdi. For at least a week ahead of the celebrations that last another two weeks, people clean up their houses to sweep away bad luck of the previous year.  It is usually a good time to ask for any money owed.

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A Guiding Hand Over My Shoulder

Someone this week send me a link to an end user authoring software tool. This seems to have caught attention of many as a very useful training and support tool that shadows live workflow driven and other applications.

The tool produces support media to give over shoulder help that users often need. What seems good is the tool is  designed to be interactive and follow user’s steps to get the job done all while users are working in their application.

On the video the first 2 minutes gives an overview about the the company then it differentiates the software’s process concepts and its approach to embedded learning.

The heart of the message starts at the 4:21 minutes mark and runs for about 7 minutes Iy is worth listening through. But you also get the point well after a minute or so. This live demo uses a Microsoft CRM user in a case example to shows how the media helps users to get their job done.  The remaining 10 minutes (22 in total) present detail authoring set-up steps. After a minute or so some may find this segannt  less interesting and bookmark it for later.

It bears closer look as one of those “well done software tools” that developers, trainers, help desk support functions and users themselves should have.I can imagine this embedded learning functionality will soon start appearing as an embedded feature in many workflow driven applications.

The tool is called “SHO Guide “. Check it out  http://www.transcensus.com/pages/tour/guide/

Google Searches Impact Environment

Google Searches Impact Environment

It seems Google is to blame for all our climate wows. On Monday, January 12, 2009 a Fox News report Google operates huge data centers around the world that consume a great deal of power according to Alex Wissner-Gross, a Harvard University physicist.

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Don’t upset your computer

Did you know your computer can hear you. Like most image_thumb3of us it functions better in a calm environment and underperforms if you upset it.

In an interesting video post Timo Elliot show us what happens when you yell at your computer

View Video Post and check out Timo’s BI questions Blog >>

What happened to the money?

This is a useful post and ongoing debate spawned by image_thumb1Jack M. Guttentag The Mortgage Professor post. In it he describes how the overcooked home mortgage market failures from 2006 triggered financial system collapsed in late 2008 and how the bail out money was relevant to trying to stem the tide of the full blown recession we now face.

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BI Predictions for 2009

In Timo’s Elliott January post The definitive list of business intelligence predictions, makes interesting read.

In this he asserts “Cloud Computing” will cause a shift in the Business Intelligence balance of power from IT to business users, as Software as a Service  picks up in the mid-market and BI moves into the cloud  The IT industry’s expansion to “the cloud” will accelerate and by 2010, 20% of organizations will have an industry-specific analytic application delivered via Software as a Service  as a standard component of their BI portfolio with Cloud computing will impact decision management.

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Gauging the Gauge

image3Shaun Rogers in a “B-eye netwok blog added a twitter poll to gage expectations on Business Intelligence technology. It interesting he separates “Cloud” and “Software as as Service” in his poll.  You can add you vote:

Interesting too is the tool he used, a freely available widget that I can imagine will proliferate to web sites like ours and company intranets seeking to survey and get feedback on issues. Check it out, it includes the embedding code example which I used to post to the html in this blog. and believe me is is easy once you grab the idea and I am no Techo.

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Solving Energy Problems

Do you get the feeling you have seen it all before.  Steam and Electric energy or transport. Nuclear solutions for industry and solar for domestic are all options.  All are proven as choices but none has ever succeeded to solve the issues.

Michael North, professor of organic chemistry at image_thumb16Newcastle University, says people don’t seem to realize that a large percent of everything that comes out of an oil well also drives the chemical industry He adds “Not only are we facing a fuel crisis, but the entire chemical industry is likely to cease to exist.”

But now for the first time it seems we may have a breakthrough as the very heart of the issue in C02.

I was interesting I found this find this when I researched uses stored C02. I read the US government had made a $300 Million Loan in January for a carbon storage project to limit C02 release into atmosphere.

Believe it or not hydrocarbon regeneration as viable option is not new. What is is finding a n efficient process to recycle and make renewable captured coal fired energy emissions to turn C02 in them into fuel.

Read How Startup Turns CO2 Into Fuel >>

“Vista” for those who love to hate it.

An article in the New York times, Published by DAVID POGUE on January 21, 2009 say what may others mutter daily. Me included, But it seems there is hope ..

Pogue says

“For an operating system that took five years to create, Windows Vista’s reputation went down in flames amazingly quickly. Not since Microsoft Bob has anything from the software giant drawn so much contempt and derision. Not every company lives to see the day when its customers beg, plead and sign petitions to bring back the previous version of its flagship product.

In his New Your Times piece headed “Hate Vista? You May Like the Fix”Pogue foes on to talk about Window 7 which is now in beta will overcome much of the pain.

David also has a video this too. It is an easy way to get the message and quite entertaining too.


It is down the page a bit from this great cartoon

Check it out>>

3 thoughts on “What we read in Jan 2009.

  1. The idea the CO2 can be converted to a hydrocarbon economically as an reusable emery source is as easy as it is writing it down. Yes it sells newspapers and gives you something to put in your blog . But I am sure you are not so naïve to think this will actually happen. Just like the concept to of making water into hydrogen, it has been done before too, but where is it now we need it. I will believe it when I see it.

  2. I for one am Looking forward to Windows 7. I am like so many who are disillusioned Vista sucks life out me as it is constantly crashing and losing my work and my focus, often at crical times.

    Yeterday for interest I did download Internet Explorer 8. It seems to have good reports about better stabilty and some new nativating and control features. But I found it still buggy. Within minutes of my upgrade it was froze and on 5 pages I had in the session including half comepleted blog entry were lost.

    After a frustrating attempts to close IE down for a new start It finally responded grrrrr to my kill command in task manager.

    One nice thingit did and gave me pleasant surprise was it gave me a choice to restore my lost sessions; which it did very gracefully. All that is except my blog writing which was gone.

    I would ask one thing of Microsofts next “revolution update” stylish: “most stable ever” “fully integrated”, “easy to use” “ all singing all dancing” New and Improved ” you-beauty mate“ “state of art” or whatever other marketing fluff they re-churn, release of Windows; Can they also just give me back my time and simple way to work safely, so I can have a life.

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