Cargo Cult Provides Jobs


A question posted in a network blog this week by Charles Caro, Founder – Community Commerce Centers Initiative , asks: 

How would you compare the job search process with a cargo cult?

I looked it up and a “cargo” cult it seems is focused on obtaining the material wealth from more advanced cultures through magical thinking.

Caro’s cargo cult explanation. summarized here, sets up his question:

Cargo cult” activity during World War II occurred when Japanese then later Allied air forces used Islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean. The local populations had little knowledge of the outside world, and saw the arrivals and their equipment as magical. After they had gone the local populations used a form of sympathetic magic in an attempt to bring more cargo to the islands.

The Islanders felt that replicating the planes and moving pieces of paper around, in a special way on a table, would cause more cargo to arrive from the sky.

Caro, then parallels this to the job seeking market and then asks those involved in the business of “helping” people with their “job search”, “What makes your brand of sympathetic magic work?”.Caro’s cynicism is supported well by David Marshall, a Singapore freelance and now semi retired Legal consultant and regular insightful respondent. His follow up was this great one liner:  “The idea of valuable employees falling from the sky at random is delightful”.

Both authors are well worth a read

 Post Script: For those further interested in anthropology, and the evolutionally studies of mankind. I found this interesting video. It  suggests that a strong practicing cargo cult culture still exists in the mountains near Port Moresby in New Guinea.

Maybe they run a Job Search agency too Charles?

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