January 2009

Case for Preserving Downturn Capacity

In the downturns of 1984, in Australia I had some valuable lessons in business. Back then with a colleague, we were charged by the Company that employed us, with an onerous task of keeping alive an ailing business unit, hit hard by the market downturn. In the face of this adversity, we had clear instructions to protect the ongoing business capacity. This was also at a time when others chose a path to rationalize to reduce the idle capacity burden on cash and balance sheets. [...]

What we read in Jan 2009.

With the new year underway on January 1 this month we also heralded in the Year of the OX and Chinese New Year which began on 26th of January. In China where it is also called “Spring Festival” it celebrates the beginning of the spring planting season. The changing date each year is dependant on the Chinese calendar invented in 2637 Emperor Huangdi. For at least a week ahead of the celebrations that last another two weeks, people clean up their houses to sweep away bad luck of the previous year. It is usually a good time to ask for any money owed. Check out what we read in Jan 2009 [...]

Can Dashboards see hidden Icebergs?

Climate change is an accepted fact, as are measured temperature increases over the last 50 years that are causing it. And C02 emission is well understood to be causing the planet overheating, with potential to destroy life as we know it. Energy depletion is a issue too, so cutting C02 by reducing energy is clearly a good thing if only for that reason. As facts the understanding seems irrefutable. But is it possible there are flaws in the information intelligence that drives them? [...]

Climate Management Reporting Award

Today I was delighted to see Anthony Watt’s post on receiving Best Science Blog in the 2008 Weblog awards for his blog at Aside from the great information on science, weather, climate change and related technology, I am constantly inspired by the fact based rigor of his succinct analytical writings and many of the contributing discussion debaters. [...]

What we read in Dec 08

Happy New Year for 2009. During December we were reading a lot and learning how to leveage our value and writing for our followers. We hope we can do better this year. In the meantime check out what we read in December 2008 [...]