What we read in Nov 08

This month we have started a section  to share interesting articles we have read. Our idea is to update monthly with summary on each article so you can decide it it is relevant for you.  Feedback would be useful.

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November 2008

WWW.PointCarbon.com  .We have added this site on our blog roll. With intensity of climate control and greenhouse initiatives increasing attention of most governments, the US included is high on this subject as a way to restart the recession ridden economies. Australia is making changes this month with a far reaching carbon credit scheme.

As a mainstream specialist newspaper, Point Carbon focuses on news energy and environmental markets. We are reading here about economic and business directions and practical management aspects of carbon trade, footprint & inventory management, audit and verification of carbon reduction projects.

Significant In December in Pozna? Poland is a UN meeting of delegates from over 200 countries discussing the very hot topic of climate change. The two-week meeting is the halfway mark in the negotiations on an ambitious and effective international climate change deal to be clinched in Copenhagen in 2009

Today’s Measurement Dashboards Away from Rudder and Stick This article discusses the evolution of the use of the dashboard. A good example US Coast Guard, which for decades has been perfecting the skill of navigating the seas. Now, the Guard is learning and improving competencies to quickly observe relevant information from visual dashboard displays, such as alert messages, and rapidly drill down and mine the information to understand what is happening – what may be causing any exceptional outcomes. Dashboards are not just about monitoring dials – they are about moving the dials.

Who Are White Papers Aimed at Anyway? A good read that gets you in with a leading question and discusses this subject and some misleading terminology used by the software industry papers. This is a lead on something we are preparing as a “clean up your act paper” on the same subject which will be issued in December 2008.

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