Can you overcome resistance to buy?

As many wrestle to make the numbers, we need to be sure our selling message is clear and we understand our buyers. That fact will never change. In selling it is also easy, in the quest to get the solution, to forget what we came for: to get an order. As the salesperson deals with tasks that surround his objective; education, positioning, proving, competitors, objections handing and so on, how many times, as a buyer, have you been ready and the salesman did not come back?

Need is the mother of invention … as is selling. So the task of selling is never simple or easy.  Like motherhood the selling rewards can be good, especially when you use all your skills to bring it all together. Understanding buyer resistance and what’s missing will make practical selling easier and close more deals.

When the business buyer signal is red, invariably one of three things is missing.  A prospect will never be qualified or ready until they have:

1.        identified a compelling dissatisfaction with how things are,

2.        a clear vision of what the improved state would look like &

3.        a workable plan to get it with at least the first steps clear.

The buy option goes green when all three are clear and then the need for change is an  imperative.

It is very easy to get off the track and lose focus when clarifying points of process or technical impact issues.  However selling is social not technical, so we must not miss the point that a salesperson’s job is to bring in the deal. It is not your technical advisor.

As a salesperson, once you are certain your proposal is sound in these terms, you should have no concern to move to the closing question, "Is there any reason that we would not to expect your order? 

As a practical first step to better sales, try doing a survey with your clients. Simply ask people what they need fixed?  As you ask about their problems and listen well to see if you can help, you can move to next steps.

People with the number 1 issue, "dissatisfaction," will always be happy to talk to you and will let you know what they need changed.  Once you know this you are well underway.

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