Merit and Bonus time of year!

The past couple of month a lot of political movements happened in Thailand, now as things are back to normal, one would shortly notice it’s that time of the year for merit and bonus evaluation. That’s what everyone’s looking forward to throughout the year. Guess who’s in the management office, besides perhaps a brown-nose colleague who seeks advantage to influence overlooking a mediocre performance, one of them you wouldn’t guess are HR people.

That’s right, one of the functions that HR Compensation and Benefits personnel has to do is to compile a form base on a snapshot of employees within the evaluating month with all related information to performance evaluation such as days of leave, salary, start date, penalties or awards given, last year’s performance record etc.

This is only for one section, imagine when applying this to different sections, departments, group of companies – each wanting it in their format, what do you get??.. and don’t forget, this has to be done by only one HR Compensation and Benefits personnel.

Imagine all this hastle of preparing the form itself, not to worry about consolidating, altering, re-classing from top management adjustment to suite corporate financial balance.

I just had a chance to work with one company that has around half a thousand employee, even though having deployed SAP, still top management wants to fill in and monitor the forms in excel format. Preparing the forms alone takes around 3 hour and errors in formulas and data retrieving are randomly found.

All I could say to a client that I was helping through that exercise recently was,

“You MUST get a PM system with a good scorecard system. Those who have one find this job easy with systems that have a clear message that says “NO MORE EXCUSES – Don’t even expect your bonuses to come out on December’s paycheck if you don’t perform!!.”

Those that haven’t can easily have a good PM system now as they are more affordable for all business.

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