December 2008

What Value is Intellectual Property?

As we morph more to a demand responsive services economy, products software and process fuse. This makes software ubiquitous and therefore of less Intrinsic value on its own. As the market itself continues to change and reshape at a great rate this makes investment in ideas quickly redundant as it finds even smarter and more integrated ways to deliver product and services. [...]

My Plan to Live to 100

Many of my colleagues and associates agree with me that “business by seat of the pants and following conventional wisdom with many outdated misconceptions” is an unhealthy norm for many in business at all levels. In a web article “What do I want my Epitaph and Legacy to Be?” Gary Cokins, CPIM at Global Product Marketing Manager for Performance Management at SAS this month got my attention to read on. In it this extract says: “To really understand what is going on and what can happen, you have to go beyond traditional beliefs and complacent thinking. That means getting to the underlying causes that drive outcomes. Just as scientists build computer models to understand interactions, such as astronomers studying gravitational effects of heavenly bodies, organizations should escalate their application of analytics to model behavior. But alas, management science is more art than science. What is the problem with organizations?” His article goes on to make challenging and compelling points so well with the quality assertion that “the impediments are all social, such as human nature resistance to change >>”, [...]

Is Software a Solution or a Tool?

Most people believe simple is best practice . But I also believe we often get it wrong when we describe our product and services. Software vendors by nature to survive must be leaders of best practice, but they often talk in riddles and high fluting assumptive terms about basic processes and activity. I was drawn to an article I read at Technology by Sherry Fox This is good read about enigmatic terms used by the software vendors. [...]

Who needs a Chairman of the Board?

With equities nearing half their former value over recent months, this article shares some learning about our self management of our family investments. It also looks at the similarity of approach for running business. One thing we are thankful for is we set up a hierarchy of accountability for ourselves, with regular meetings and tools to bring our performance into focus. In the end in spite of our mistakes, our experience with this gave us high vigilance and alerting ability for all our funds and asset performance. Using simple analytical formats for review, with an independent hierarchy of accountability, kept us well focused on both long term perspective for total value opportunities and risk; and daily decisions detail. This in turn and gave us confidence that we had each risk perspective under control. [...]

Compression of time

Future lifestyles will likely continue to emphasize time and convenience, and the compression of time via new technologies will not slow down. It’s up to us to create breathing space within our own business and personal lives. [...]

Can you overcome resistance to buy?

Need is the mother of invention. And selling is second best job in the world. Like bringing up children it is never simple or easy. But the rewards are great when your skill works to get a good result for a customer. This article discusses some practical selling steps brings it all together. [...]