Decisive Business Risk Taking

“Stepping outside of your comfort zone can trigger the pump. The natural response to being on unfamiliar ground is to expect the worst. However, consider data you have to hand to help you determine just how much you need to be concerned.

If it is disaster you anticipate, just imagine the event as one that simply challenges this concern and as something your cautious side tells you to consider?

Weighing up the evidence will either support conservative steps you really should take, or it give you a view that shows the usual dips and flows you might reasonably expect”.

This is an excerpt from a contribution by Nada Mills, a notable Australian organizational behavior management specialist and clinical psychologist, living in Perth. Recently retired from full time practice and devoting time to writing, she says “gathering evidence is vital to keeping your eye on the prize’

We are facing a world where the traditional organisation structures and boundaries of control, as we know them  are light speeding to new paradigms. Unprecedented business intelligence power and band width means it is inevitable we will see a multilevel approach. With economics pressures so high, the concept to reality time compression crunch may be sooner rather than later. In Gary Cokins insights in his What is the Best Organization Chart for Performance Management? it is clear already business leaders see systems able to allow the customer to become the “Boss.” And ultimately being accountable for performance decisions that threatens traditional supply chain management processes as the very concept of today’s middle management evaporates.

Nada Mills now plans a series of discussion papers on Decision Making in the un-relenting high risky change of these new paradigms. The decisions and changes ahead are far reaching and may be way beyond the vision or capability of many who will sadly be caught in the fall out of the change this heralds. The obligation as advisors, is to move to cover that gap.

These will be published in this forum and will focus on the decision environment where supply and demand and business processes are reincarnating in ever shorter and shorter cycles. Aimed at understanding the likely fall out of major shifts in behaviors they will frame discussion and thought around best practice approaches on understanding the problem and effective handling of the constant of change itself.

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  1. This was a response I got from Gary Cokins when I commented on his article. In it he refers to an article of 18 months ago referring to “a “fact-based” culture”. I believed then he was on the money and now even more so as it is becoming more a reality … Check it out.


    Thanks for your comment. I am impressed that you referenced my January, 2006 DM article about “now working for a new boss … the customer” and measuring customer profitability

    ( )

    It is apparent to me that the need for a “fact-based” culture and less hierarchical organizational structure will be very relevant for an organization’s survival.

    Gary Cokins

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