Caviar and only salt water to drink.

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Like no other time in history we have, arguably, the best capability for performance management with the systems and bandwidth at hand to quickly digest and react to change. The paradigm shift in world markets means options and challenges to re-claim the good times may also be quite different.


The common ingredient for good planning is ready access and confidence in the market and business intelligence information we have in our systems. Business generally and especially at the big end has well invested in good systems for planning, control, client and supply chain management, to tell them where they are and give them a way to chart a course through  the uncertainty.


With the world prosperity loss and business scared of more to come, those able are looking closely at options to re-position. Banks and demand services first hit certainly are, as they rationalize services and consolidate to carve out their excesses. Without doubt the good ones could do this because of their systems as they moved quickly to re-position as much leaner organizations and be ready when markets recover.


Those using their planning and business intelligence capability are protecting their core services and battening down for more changes ahead. Equally so they are maintaining “in command” status on service and client activity and have shifted their control systems focus to leaner services and tighter financial control.


Those with good planning and performance control systems and skill to use them can likewise do well in the volatile reactive environment ahead. The folly and downfall for many, however, may yet be a failure to understand and use this power as customer demand continues to fall.


Vital for business now is to gauge and understand the smaller market, the new playing fields and those likely to emerge and survive in them. The real choice for this is to use these rich planning and control investments for the real benefit they bring : Plan Defend and Grow.


One thought on “Caviar and only salt water to drink.

  1. Don’t know if GM and Ford were concern about this? Pretty sure they’ve got the best of the best — GM has this philosophy that what is good for GM is good for the country, and actually the customers are gettting smarter and look for cars that run cheaper on the road.

    Don’t know what it has to do with Caviar and salt water though..

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