Hillsborough 28 Years On Still Needs Respect for Fans Action

Can you imagine entering a football stadium and being caught in the entrance tunnel pushed along by an unpredictable moving mass.

And then face absolute fear as it squeezes the life from you, or someone next to you, when the unrelenting crowd surges forward.

That was the case in 1989 at Hillsborough in Sheffield UK as Liverpool scored 4 minutes into an FA cup finals match.

As you “Walk the Talk”, did you notice the people now talking and walking have changed?

What are Seagulls and BCAs and how are they related to a CFO? Why not go barefoot and forget about SOX? What happened to Bankers, the MD and FD with investments funded by VC’s and why is everything now run by a bunch of Cs? With HOME now a place of WORK why is who does the work no longer clear in Global Supply Chains, invisible to social controls and seen only from the Clouds? A lighthearted look changes terminology we use.

Is the 80-20 Law of Probability Still Relevant?

You may notice that two of the three artists are left-handed. That is not surprising. History shows a substantially higher percentage of left-handed people are creative compared to the rest of us. However, with only 10% of the world being left-handed, and the recognized creators for the future likely to be in their ranks, should we dismiss as just followers, the 90% of communities that are right-handed?

With the creative paradox a close reality, is it fair to suggest that disciples of the 80-20 rule may need to flip their focus to the 80% and just leave the already proven 20% well alone.

Read how traditional consulting that “borrows your watch to tell you a new way to read it”, is being replaced by creative big data based rapid deployment models.

Is the Way to Change in Asian Cultures also changing?

It is said in Asia it is all about face. The truth is the politics of face in any human endeavor is universal and not just confined to Asia. In Asia, as elsewhere, marinating is needed to soften long standing work flows and decode black boxed processes.

Outsiders can and do help to make things transparent with unbiased ideas to catalyze improvements. But cultural differences for change can leave the unwary who try, using so called tried and true approaches, may face very high risks.

When are Spin Ethics in Life and Business Valid?

Delivered well, humour can get over an objection. When selling innovative solutions, imagine how you can use humour to deflect a sceptical prospect who wants to revisit a traditional solution that competitors are marketing as trusted and true. In such a situation, handling objections and competition is not always about meeting it head on.

When counting the 12 Apostles is their attraction success just what you make of it or is there a formula?

The 12 Apostles, when christened by Victorian tourism in the 1920s, numbered as only nine in the cluster. Now there is eight. and inevitably reduce even further. Remarkably Victorian tourism maintains the 12 apostles metaphoric brand as its centerpiece to increasingly attract millions of visitors each year. What is their secret?

Should Nest Egg Management be Taught at School so Retirement Planning is Intuitive When Starting Work?

Many planning to retire, find it is quite a job. Self-accountability is a big one to master, when previously, as we just did our job, we had it all done by superannuation professionals.

But being cut loose from a life of working in structured and supported activity that brought money in, thrusts the burden to keep a superannuation nest egg productive to live on for the rest of your life.